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The amount of Thor's hammers finds is almost infinite. From Iceland to Russia, York to Eastern Europe, and a few other weird places, not to mention one or two own

designs. It's a collection of bronze and silver pieces, different designs and sizes to suit everone's taste.

Thor's hammers were worn by viking warriors for protection and success in battles. These days viking enthusiasts still believe in the power of the hammer and it's ability

to bring you good luck and protection.

A silver ring can be added to any of the hammers ( £5 additional cost ).


*** NEW ***

We are now offering Tho'rs hammers in Stainless Steel. Ever wanted something from the Gods that will never tarnish or melt?

Hammers are cast in stainless steel, we believe we are the only manufactures of this product!

PRICE: £65

If you want any other pieces cast in stainless steel please email for quote


Note: All prices are subject to change and will be confirmed at the time of an order/enquiry.



Danish Thor's hammer. 9th/10th century. Danish National Museum. Length: approx. 30mm.
Alternative view
Price: £ 48 (silver) Cat. no THS008
Price: £ 20 (bronze) Cat. no THB005

Price: £ 65 (stainless steel) Cat. no THO001

Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers 10TH CENTURY
10th century
Silver: Price - £ 39 Cat. no THS001
Bronze: Price - £ 23 Cat. no THB002


Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers 9th CENTURY
9th century
Silver: Price - £ 36 Cat. no THS002
Bronze: Price - £ 20 Cat. no THB003

Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers SKANE, SWEDEN
Thor's hammer from 1000AD, Skane, Sweden. Length: approx. 4cm.
Price: £ 65 (silver) Cat. no THS004
Price: £ 28 (bronze) Cat. no THB013


Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers ICELANDIC
Inspired by Icelandic design, symbolising the dual faith of Paganism and Christianity. 10th / 11th century. Length: approx. 53mm.
Price: £ 68 (silver) Cat. no THS005
Price: £ 28 (bronze) Cat. no THB004


Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers ICELANDIC
Closer to the original. Length approx. 40mm.
Price: £ 48 (silver) Cat. no THS017
Price: £ 19 (bronze) Cat. no THB004

Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers ICELANDIC
An earring or a very small pendant. Length: approx. 20mm.
Only in silver.
Price: £ 13 (each) Cat. no THS006

Viking Jewellry: Thor's HammersTYR RUNE
Icelandic Thor's hammer design with Tyr rune. Length: approx. 53mm.
Price: £ 68 (silver) Cat. no THS007
Price: £ 28 (bronze) Cat. no THB007

Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers 9TH / 10TH CENTURY
9th / 10th century.
Price: £ 39 (silver) Cat. no THS009
Price: £ 19 (bronze) Cat. no THB006

Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers EARRING
An earrings or a very small pendant. Length: approx. 20mm.
Only in silver.
Price: £ 13 (each) Cat. no THS011


Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers 8TH CENTURY
8th century.
Price: £ 33 (silver) Cat. no THS012
Price: £ 17 (bronze) Cat. no THB011

Viking Jewellry: Thor's HammersBORNHOLM
Danish Thor's hammer based on a find from the Island of Bornholm, 10th century. Possibly the most famous of all the Thor's hammers.
Price: £ 39 (silver) Cat. no THS013
Price: £ 17 (bronze) Cat. no THB008

Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers WEST ICELAND
Icelandic design, 10th centurt North - West Iceland. Length approx. 40mm.
Price: £ 33 (silver) Cat. no THS015
Price: £ 17 (bronze) Cat. no THB010


Viking Jewellry: Thor's Hammers SCANDINAVIA
9th century Scandinavian design.
Price: £ 39 (silver) Cat. no THS016
Price: £ 19 (bronze) Cat. no THB012



Any of the above hammers can be put on a 25mm diameter silver ring hanger for an additional £25.

As an alternative, it can also be attached to any piece including your own.
Ring Hanger