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The Jomsvikings are the world's leading Viking re-enactment organisation.
Allies and part of the Brotherhood of Jomsborg!!
Quality maker of weapons and also an honourary Jomsviking
The Viking museum in Skane, very interesting site packed with details about viking life
A link to the folks bringing Viking Invasion, the first and largest European style Viking age enactment in the USA
Quality viking crafts
Experienced Fight Director and Production Designer
Bespoke viking jewellry created by Ottar
Russian Viking/Slavic Federation, the site is in Russian
The online resource for those interested in all aspects of bladed weapons
Fun and games the viking way
Quality artwork and graphic design
Friends from Denmark and one of the first groups we taught how to fight
A member of the Army of Jomsborg, a look into the lives of our slavic brothers
Based in Iceland, great site, especially if you can understand Icelandic ;))
Not just one game would have the glory of the Jomsvikings within their realm
Great site, listing many Viking events worldwide
Great site detailing how to make many items of Viking clothing for both men and women -- In German
Manufacturers of quality wooden 'weapons'